Emtek Digital Mid-Summit 2023: Igniting Success with Sports, Community, and Election Day Strategies

As we approach the year 2023, with just one semester away, the first half of the year has laid a strong foundation for what awaits us. Building on the success of the previous semester, where we provided exceptional solutions to our clients, we are fully prepared to excel in the second half of 2023. To kick-start this period, we organized a gathering event where we shared the latest insights from our audience and engaged in discussions about our forthcoming plans for the rest of the year. During the event, we unveiled brand solutions aimed at capturing the hearts of our audience and ensuring a remarkable performance in the coming months.

The Emtek Digital Mid-Summit centered around three key themes: Sports, Community, and Election Day. These aspects form the core of our strategy to showcase the solutions that will elevate marketing efforts in the latter half of the year. To commence the event, Tengku M. Rizaldi, our Head of Sales, took the stage, highlighting the successes of the first half of the year and expressing our readiness to excel in the second half. Following that, Yogi Triharso, the Head of Emtek Digital, addressed the audience and delved into the significance of programmatic buying, specifically focusing on our First-party data platform, EMpower.

Moving on to the next highlight of the event, Monika Rudijono, the Managing Director of Vidio, discussed how Vidio has evolved into the primary choice for sports enthusiasts. She emphasized how Vidio has transformed the way fans engage with their preferred content, offering an unmatched sports viewing experience. By understanding its target audience, Vidio consistently delivers sports content that surpasses expectations. Taking the stage after Monika Rudijono, Dika Anggari as the General Manager of Sales at Vidio, elaborated on the latest programs and partnerships. She reassured clients that they will never miss a moment of their favorite games, matches, or tournaments.

Another highlight of the event was the recognition of KLY’s remarkable achievement in fostering a sense of community through its platform, Youniverse. Adam Saputra, KLY’s VP of Marketing Communication, and Cahyanto Arie Wibowo, KLY’s Head of Product Strategy and Growth, explained how Youniverse acts as a digital aggregator of communities, allowing brands to connect with communities for their campaigns. KLY’s dedication to uniting people through this platform continues to be a great source of inspiration and a driving force in the marketing landscape. Additionally, Santi Sagita, our VP of Sales, shared the latest programs during the event, providing brands with opportunities to engage with KLY’s upcoming events and initiatives.

In the closing session, Retno Pinasti, the Editor in Chief of SCTV and Indosiar, and Darojatun, the VP of Content Operations & Editor in Chief of Merdeka.com, along with our VP of Sales, Sinta Nasution, took the stage to shared the forthcoming Election Day era with 2024 election day vision called 2024 Kita Indonesia. Emtek’s Group takes pride in its neutral role, dedicated to maintaining a smooth and democratic media ecosystem. Recognizing the importance of unbiased information during crucial electoral processes, Emtek’s Group upholds its commitment to delivering fair and accurate news coverage. By providing a platform that respects differing perspectives and encourages open dialogue, Emtek’s Group supports the foundation of democracy and empowers individuals to make informed decisions during elections. In support of a healthy election, Emtek has already prepared a 2.4 FUN RUN to add liveliness to the election day.

In conclusion, Emtek Digital Mid-Summit 2023 was a momentous event that celebrated the achievements and initiatives of our clients. With a focus on sports, community, and Election Day, this gathering highlighted connectivity in shaping industries to winning the marketing game for the rest of this year. As we express our gratitude to all those who joined us, we eagerly look forward to our next event, Emtek Digital Outlook 2024. It is through these collective efforts and collaborations that we continue to redefine the boundaries of digital innovation and create a better future for all. Feel free to explore the video that covers the topic presented during the Emtek Digital Mid-Summit session below.

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