Toyota: Programmatic digital campaign with Emtek Digital to raise awareness to Yaris Cross

The collaborative digital campaign between Emtek Digital and one of the leading automotive manufacturer results in a 126% uplift in segment targeting.

The Story

The Toyota Yaris Cross is a subcompact crossover SUV produced by Toyota, built on the foundation of the Yaris hatchback. It features a raised ground clearance, larger wheels, and rugged styling, offering a choice between a conventional gasoline engine or a hybrid powertrain. This vehicle is an excellent option for buyers seeking a fuel-efficient, spacious, and comfortable small SUV, providing an affordable alternative to larger, pricier SUVs.

The Goal

Toyota introduced the Yaris Cross in Indonesia to enhance its standing in the expanding SUV market and encourage the adoption of HEVs in the country. Furthermore, Toyota Indonesia has mentioned that the Yaris Cross targets young and active buyers seeking a fashionable and useful SUV. The company expects the Yaris Cross to be a favored option for Indonesian customers seeking an enjoyable, fuel-efficient, and secure vehicle.

The Solution

Toyota partnered with Emtek Digital for a marketing campaign on the KLY Network, targeting individuals aged 25 to 54 who have an interest in luxury vehicles and automotive. Using banner ads on KLY is essential for ensuring that the campaign effectively reaches its target audience and provides accessible information about the promotion.

The Results

The campaign achieved an impressive 126% CTR uplift in comparison to the industry’s average CTR performance by using precise audience targeting on the KLY network. The following factors can be credited for this achievement: