TikTok: #SerunyaBelajar Campaign Goes Beyond Entertainment to Inspire Learning and Creativity

TikTok Partnered with Emtek Digital to reach youth whose source of information, education and entertainment rely on social media.

The Story

Nowadays social media has become the source of information. In the case of TikTok, people use it mostly for leisure and entertainment. TikTok however has now aim to become the source of educational content. Therefore, TikTok partnered with Emtek Digital to improve TikTok imagery as not only an entertainment app but also a source of fun education and solutions to their daily lives.

The Goal

TikTok aim introduce their educational content through its campaign #SerunyaBelajar. Emtek Digital amplify the campaign through a series of activities to engage youth. Inviting Tiktok creators to be part of the event. Also bringing youth attention with Music Performance and Fun Education exhibitions area that trigger word of mouth on social media.

The Solution

To do so, TikTok with Emtek Digital created an innovative 4 days hybrid event titled “Semua Ada di TikTok,” located at Mbloc, Jakarta, on 7-10 of July 2021. We collaborate with Cinta Laura as our campaign Ambassador. Inviting 6 content creators to share their knowledge on Content planning, Financial Management and Career tips on networking session with creative exhibitions and special music performances from Idgitaf and Feel Koplo.

The Result