Oppo: Showcasing Christmas and New Year Campaign using Instream on KLY and Vidio

Emtek Digital and a leading smartphone brand collaborative digital campaign resulted in an impressive 11% uplift with segment targeting and programmatic ads.

The Story

Oppo, a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer, is renowned as a global leader in smartphones and a range of electronic products, including smart devices, audio gadgets, and power banks. Established in 2004, it has a presence in over 50 countries. Oppo is distinguished for its cutting-edge and fashionable smartphones, often equipped with top-tier cameras and advanced features. A prominent player in the worldwide consumer electronics market, Oppo is recognized for its innovation and style.

The Goal

OPPO’s overarching mission revolves around leveraging technology to enhance the quality of life for all users. This vision finds expression in their slogan, “Inspiration Ahead,” which urges individuals to embrace the future and harness technology for a meaningful global impact. The objective of this collaborative campaign is to promote OPPO products, creating a festive atmosphere for Christmas and the New Year, primarily targeting technology enthusiasts, especially males aged 25 and above.

The Solution

Oppo collaborated with Emtek Digital for a marketing campaign on Vidio and KLY Network, with a focus on reaching men aged 25 and above. The utilization of Instream Vidio and KLY is key to achieving the campaign’s objectives. This strategy guarantees that the intended audience can easily access information about this promotion.

The Results

Through precise audience targeting on the Vidio and KLY network, the campaign accomplished an impressive 11% CR uplift in comparison to the industry’s average CTR performance. This success can be attributed to: