Nestle: Raising awareness to Goodnes using video-formatted ads

A leading fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) company collaborated with Emtek Digital on a campaign that yielded a 128% uplift in click-through rate above the industry average.

The Story

Nestle is a big Swiss food and drink company that started in 1866. They make a wide variety of products, such as baby food, cereals, water, and many others, and own many well-known brands like Nescafe and Purina. The company has continued to be a major player in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry worldwide.

The Goal

Nestle was looking for a way to reach their audience in Indonesia to introduce their latest addition to the GOODNES product line, honey ginger and galangal. They believed that partnering with Emtek Digital and utilizing the popular OTT platform, Vidio, would be the most effective way to achieve their advertising goals. By leveraging the reach and popularity of Vidio, Nestle hoped to effectively spread the word about their new product and attract new customers to try it.

“Together with Emtek Digital, we are targeting audiences that match the Nestlé GOODNES persona, with the aim of encouraging them to visit our official website for SahabatNestle.”

Maya – Brand Executive Nestlé GOODNES

The Solution

With the utilization of pre-roll inventory on Vidio for a duration of 8 days, Nestle aimed to grab the attention of its target audience, who are low- to medium-income individuals and those who have a passion for travel, food & drinks, sports, and health. By reaching out to these individuals, Nestle hoped to promote its products and services, increase brand awareness, and establish a connection with these customers. This strategic approach was a part of Nestle’s overall marketing plan to reach its desired target market and drive sales.

The Results

The campaign achieved a 128% click-through rate (CTR), surpassing industry standards. Contributing factors to this remarkable success include: