Matahari: Boosting traffic to the Eid promotion by utilizing pre-roll inventory

A retail company in Indonesia partnered with Emtek Digital on an advertising campaign that resulted in a 100 percent increase in click-through rate compared to the industry average.

The Story

Matahari is a retail company in Indonesia that has been in operation for many years. They are known for offering a wide range of products and services, and have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality goods and excellent customer service. The company has grown and expanded over time, and continues to be a leading player in the Indonesian retail market. In order to boost brand recognition, Matahari, a reputable retail company in Indonesia, collaborated with Emtek Digital on a targeted advertising campaign.

The Goal

Matahari partnered with Emtek Digital on an advertising campaign to raise awareness of their e-commerce website and promote their services. The goal of the campaign was to inform targeted audiences about promotions during Eid and increase brand awareness to drive more business to their e-commerce website.


“Through our partnership with Emtek Digital and leveraging their EMpower capability, we were able to take our Eid campaign to the next level.”

Terry O’Connor, CEO of Matahari

The Solution

To expand brand awareness among specific consumer groups, Matahari teamed up with Emtek Digital for an advertising campaign targeting families with children, females, parents, and individuals aged 18–44. The campaign featured 15- and 45-second video ads, which ran for 10 days on Vidio and OTT streaming platforms using the pre-roll format.

The Results

Matahari’s targeted advertising campaign on Vidio resulted in a 100 percent uplift in click-through rate compared to the average of placements and included the following: