Mayora: Raising awareness to the latest variant of Roma Malkist through pre-roll inventory

One of the major consumer goods companies in Indonesia worked with Emtek Digital on a campaign that earned it a 575 percent uplift compared to the average CTR in placement.

The Story

Mayora, being one of the major consumer goods companies in Indonesia, has consistently delivered exceptional products, one of which is Roma Crackers Malkist crackers – a variant of Malkist Crackers first launched by Mayora. Made from wheat, milk, and other ingredients, these biscuits are claimed to have been processed in a modern and hygienic manner, resulting in delicious and healthy snacks that contain a vitamin B complex.

The Goal

Mayora partnered with Emtek Digital to advertise their newest variant of Roma Malkist, Korean BBQ.

“Dentsu recognizes the potential for Mayora to reach the appropriate audience for their newest product variant, Roma Malkist Korean BBQ, as they have observed that the number of Korean viewers on Vidio has doubled compared to the previous year.”

Grace Amelia, Group Digital Director of Dentsu

The Solution

In order to launch a successful campaign, Mayora aimed to showcase the strengths of their product to their specific target groups. They collaborated with Emtek Digital for an advertising campaign that would reach fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts, males, mothers with children, CPG buyers, Korean lovers, families with kids, and those in the age range of 18–24.

The Results

The Roma Malkist advertisement, which was aimed at a specific target audience, saw an increase of 575% in click-through rate compared to the average CTR in its placement. This included the following: