Kalbe: Increasing the recognition of Prove D3 brand among the families segments.

The top pharmaceutical company in Indonesia worked with Emtek Digital on a digital campaign that resulted in a 66.93% uplift.

The Story

Kalbe is a leading Indonesian pharmaceutical company founded in 1966. It offers a wide range of products and services in the healthcare industry, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, supplements, and medical devices. Kalbe is committed to improving people’s quality of life and is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia, operating in more than 10 countries.

The Goal

To raise awareness of their Kalbe Prove D3 campaign. The campaign aimed to educate the public on the importance of vitamin D3 and how it can improve overall health, especially in times when people are spending more time indoors due to the pandemic.


“Our collaboration with Emtek Digital enabled us to achieve maximum results by successfully driving our target audience to visit the official Kalbe store on e-commerce.”

Ekla Rosa Oktavia, Senior Product Manager of PT. Kalbe Farma

The Solution

As an effort to elevate their digital campaign, Kalbe Prove D3, which will be prominently showcased to their targeted audience through the advanced capability of EMpower.

The campaign, which ran for 26 days, utilized various ad inventory on Kapanlagi Youniverse’s platform, including the bottom frame, half page, headline, leaderboard, and medium rectangle. The campaign was specifically tailored to reach four spesific audience segments: Family & Motherhood, Parents, MF 23-45, and healthy & fitness.

The Results

The Kalbe Prove D3 campaign, which targeted specific segments, experienced a significant uplift in click-through rate of 66.39% when compared to previous inventory performance. Furthermore, several factors contributed to this result: