Honda CR-V: Collaborative Campaign with Emtek Digital to Promote the Latest Honda CR-V Model

The collaborative digital campaign conducted by Emtek Digital and an automotive manufacturer system saw a significant 41% enhancement in the targeted segment.

The Story

The Honda CR-V, produced by the renowned Japanese automotive manufacturer Honda, stands as a prominent SUV in its class. Honda recently introduced the All-New Honda CR-V RS e:HEV, marking a big step forward in-car technology. This new model comes with advanced hybrid technology, showing Honda’s dedication to being eco-friendly and efficient.

The Goal

Honda CR-V aims to seek awareness and generate interest in its latest hybrid SUV. Results in top segments such as new readers, travel enthusiasts, and high-income individuals, this collaboration is focused on promoting the All-New Honda CR-V RS e:HEV.

The Solution

Honda CR-V collaborated with Emtek Digital to initiate a marketing campaign on the KLY Network. This collaboration initiative is designed to attract the interest of men aged 40 to 49 across different areas nationwide. By utilizing banner ads on KLY, the campaign seeks to effectively reach and engage more awareness.

The Results

The collaborative campaign by Emtek Digital and Honda CR-V through the KLY Networks achieved an impressive 41% CTR uplift compared to the industry’s average CTR performance (0.4%). There are several factors for the success: