Grab: Directing traffic to Grab Makanthon 2021 ceremony night live stream

The Story

Grab is a Southeast Asian tech company founded in 2012 in Malaysia. It started as a taxi app and expanded to include various services like car, bike, food, and package delivery. It also offers financial services through its digital wallet.

The Goal

Grab aimed to promote its hybrid event, Makanthon, which celebrates food and cultural diversity. The event features local and international cuisine, cooking demonstrations, and food activities and contests. Grab users can benefit from special offers and promotions from participating food vendors and can win prizes through games and challenges. Makanthon is a highly anticipated event for food lovers and Grab users, showcasing Grab’s dedication to delivering an enjoyable and smooth experience.

“Emtek Digital managed to create excitement among the stakeholders of Grab, comprising GrabFood and GrabMart users as well as merchant partners, to take part in the Grab Makanthon. The success of this initiative was demonstrated by the energetic peak night of the Grab Makanthon.”

Wawan Maulana, Marketing Manager of GrabFood Eater

The Solution

Grab promotes its hybrid event and increases traffic through video streaming. It collaborates with KLY and Vidio, utilizing banners such as headline, pop-up, and breaking banners. Additionally, Grab leverages pinned chat and push notifications for promotion.

The Results

The audience for Grab Makanthon 2021 was 346 times higher than Grab Makanthon 2020 on other streaming platforms, surpassing the average viewership for live streaming events on Vidio, including: