Aqua: #AquaDulu Reigns Supreme with Strategic Time Targeting

Utilizing Emtek Digital Strategic Time Targeted Banners, we own key hydration moments across the day to push the importance of hydrating with Aqua.

The Story

As the competition for bottled water getting fiercer and others play on the added benefit of their products, Aqua wants to make their focus back on what makes drinking water important, which is a the best source of Hydration.

The Goal

Aqua wants to maintain their position as the Top of Mind of Indonesian Audience when it comes to Hydration and become the preferred brand of hydration by the masses.

The Solution

In order to achieve Aqua’s Objective as the Top of Mind for Hydration, we utilize Branded Time Targeting Media Inventory which exposes the audience to Aqua’s Brand Message of #AquaDulu Hydration during select strategic times throughout the day (e.g Lunch, Iftar Times, Waking Up).

The Result

The campaign was a resounding success, including: