Campaign Optimisation Lead

1 openings in Jakarta, Indonesia

Responsibilities & Requirement:

  • Monitor the day-to-day working of the RID Team including but not limited to reviewing the daily tracker of the teams, ensuring daily manual optimisation are done for all line items, ensuring regular campaign reports are sent to the client & training the team to improve their client servicing capabilities
  • Ensure the established processes for internal functioning as well and cross functional coordination are performing as expected as well as highlight any parts of the flow that should be revised
  • Maintain the supply side view of all inventory & segments and highlight any foreseeable issue beforehand in order to eliminate revenue leakage
  • Maintain a “Product Review Guide” which would include the various issue is delivering campaigns using the current set of AdTech options available.
  • Run a monthly Sales feedback motion with the PM Unit to suggest changes that should be made in terms of Inventory booking process

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