Data Product Manager

3 openings in Jakarta, Indonesia

Job Description :

  • Develop and lead use case with technical team
  • Develop and lead use case with business process and outside stakeholder team
  • Use case prioritization: evaluate business impact potential from a use-case and prioritize potential work paths
  • Implementation: understand how to organize steps for implementation

Requirement :

  • Data engineering: ETL concepts
  • Software development: programming proficiency (Basic Python skill)
  • Data analysis and modeling: major groups of algorithmic techniques, model selection, testing and interpretation of insights
  • Data availability: mechanism to capture new data

What are we about?

We are building services for everyone in Indonesia — defining the digital landscape of our 13k island archipelago.

We embrace change, but it doesn't mean we work crazy hours.

We maintain a sustainable pace (8 hour days, no overtime, no nights or weekends) because everyone needs a life.

Some of your future coworkers:

Ngalim Yusuf Siregar
Hendra Uzia
Michael Himawan
Noer Fitria Putra Setyono
Tito Pandu
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About Us

Established in January 2020, we grow within an uncertain time. This does not stop us from nurturing ourselves more in a way of helping many businesses & industries thrive by digital transformation supported by our solutions that focus on breaking digital barriers through full-fledged capabilities. Our solutions range from brand awareness, performance & activation, to a data segmentation that is capable of reaching the right audience for our clients in various platforms suitable for your needs such as media, over-the-top, e-commerce, up to TV integrations.

Our team that consists of industry experts shall guide you through the current challenges & changes using our result-oriented methods both in direct or programmatic approach.

We encourage you to work hand-in-hand with us to achieve the unified objectives of the world that is to grow together & break the barrier of reaching people through digital acceleration.