Emtek Connect 2023 Event Unveils Insights On The Future of Indonesia’s Digital Ecosystem

EMTEK successfully hosted the Emtek Connect 2023 event on 1st of February 2023, at the SCTV Hall in Senayan City. The event was attended by prominent industry leaders, advertisers, and EMTEK’s ecosystem partners, providing them with valuable insights on the latest trends and developments in the digital landscape.

The event was kicked off with opening remarks by Alvin Sariaatmadja, President Director of EMTEK, who shared his vision for the upcoming year.

During the event, EMTEK’s executives and industry experts discussed the opportunities and challenges that are expected to shape the digital landscape in 2023. The topics included the future of EMTEK’s platform, the success of the World Cup, platform advancements, content creation, extended reality, live experiences, social media, and influencer marketing.

The Managing Director of EMTEK, Sutanto Hartono, delivered a presentation on the World Cup’s impact on the company’s platform. In his speech, Sutanto Hartono shared insights on how the World Cup has been a significant contributor to the growth of EMTEK’s digital media ecosystem. He discussed the various strategies and innovative approaches that were implemented to successfully integrate the World Cup into EMTEK’s platform and the challenges that the team encountered along the way.

Gave an insightful presentation on the platform’s latest developments, Hermawan Sutanto as COO of Vidio shed light on how the company is utilizing their audience targeting capability, EMpower. This capability allows Vidio to gather valuable data on user behavior, preferences and interest. By taking advantage of EMpower, not only enhances the user experience but also provides a valuable tool for advertisers looking to reach specific audiences. Hermawan highlighted how EMpower has helped advertisers achieve higher performance by delivering more relevant and personalized ads to users.

During the Emtek Connect 2023 event, Monika Rudijono, Managing Director of Vidio, provided attendees with a deep dive into the World Cup on Vidio, as well as the Vidio Original Series, and how the company’s localized content strategy is revolutionizing the entertainment industry in Indonesia. Rudijono highlighted Vidio’s efforts to create engaging and personalized content that resonates with local audiences and shared insights into the company’s vision for the future of content creation.

Furthermore, a panel discussion on content creation and creativity featured Wicky V. Olindo, Film Producer & CEO of Screenplay Production, David Suwarto, Director of SCM & CEO of SinemArt, and Desy Bachir, CMO of Samara Group. The panelists discussed the latest trends and challenges in the entertainment industry, and explored strategies for creating compelling content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. Through this panel discussion, attendees gained valuable insights into the factors that contribute to successful content creation and the importance of localizing content to build engagement and loyalty.

Manaav Kapoor, Managing Director of Whisper Media, and Indra Yudhistira, Film Producer & CEO of VIP Production, participated in a discussion on content and technology in extended reality, sharing their thoughts on how these emerging technologies can be leveraged to create more immersive experiences for audiences.

Ben Soebiakto, Group CEO & Co-Founder of Samara Group, and Danny Purnomo, Deputy CEO of KLY & EmtekEX, discussed the importance of live experiences, social media, and influencer marketing in today’s digital ecosystem. They shared their insights on how brands can use these channels to engage with audiences and create more meaningful connections.

Shared their experiences on how influencers can help brands build credibility and trust with their audiences, as well as the latest trends in influencer marketing, Raffi Ahmad, Co-founder & Chairman of RANS Entertainment, and Nagita Slavina, Co-founder & CEO of RANS Entertainment, presented on the influencing aspects of the digital landscape.

The event concluded with a wrap-up session by Mutia Nandika, Group Sales & Marketing Director of EMTEK, who thanked all the attendees for their participation and commitment to driving innovation and growth in Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.